Tech news:-
..:    Slashdot:    News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.
..:    The Register:    Biting the hand that feeds I.T.
..:    CNET News:    Technology news and business reports
..:    TechWeb:    The Business Technology Network

UK news:-
..:    The B.B.C.:    Auntie Beeb
..:    The Guardian:    Bearded, muesli wearing, sandal eaters.
..:    The Independent   
..:     The Times Online   Rupert Murdoch can kiss my shiny metal butt. No more free link from skywhale..
..:    The Telegraph:    Online newspaper - daily uk news, sport news, daily weather
..:    Hull Daily Mail    Local news.
..:    Brighton Evening Argus:    Local news.

World news:-
..:    Al Jazeera:   
..:    The New York Times:

..:    Wilfblog   
..:    ControlFreak   
..:    AdamInIndia