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..:   A web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s

Puzzle games-
..:  Sudoku: the infamous Sudoku.
..:  Blox: move the blocks logic puzzle.
..:  Blox2: more blox puzzles.
..:  Gridlock: escape from the car park.
..:  Parallel Park: test your parking skills.
..:  Lemmings: DHTML clone of the infamous lemmings.
..:  Magic Pen: crayon physics.

Strategy games-
..:  Desktop Defender: Stop the creeps crossing your desk by building a maze.
..:  Desktop Defender: Version 1.21a.
..:  Proximity: addictive othello-type game against the machine.
..:  X-Ray:

Sports games-
..:  Free Kick: penalty shootout, old style. .
..:  Miniputt: crazy golf.
..:  Miniputt2: more miniputt holes. (27 to beat)
..:  Curve ball: 3d air hockey.
..:  Crab ball: crustacean volleyball.
..:  Pool: shoot a rack or two.

Shooting games-
..:  Jason Reinsvold's BowMaster Prelude. Just one more level...
..:  Notepad Invaders : Oh dear.
..:  Space Invaders : clone of the orignial.
..:  Paper toss: fill the bin.
..:  Tanks:.tactical tank battle.
..:  Bowman: gory archery challenge.
..:  Alien Attack: .SciFi skeet shoot.
..:  Kill TellyTubbies: strangely cathartic.
..:  Shooting game: Doom lite.
..:  Paintball: splatter the office for stress relief.
..:  War on Terrorism: islamophobia in action.

Other games-
..:  Balloon drop: mischief on the Golden Gate.
..:  Copter: fly the chopper through a maze.
..:  Escopeta: don't let the bush bandits get you!
..:  Monkey lander: curse you, gravity. You win again.
..:  Pull my Finger: words fail me.

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