..:    Google     The king of internet search engines.
..:    Wikipedia     Online encyclopedia.
..:    Wolfram     Knowledge based search.
..:    Dictionary     Online dictionary.
..:    Conversions     Convert just about anything to anything else.

..:    Google Maps     Maps and satellite images.
..:     Find a roadmap of anywhere in Europe.
..:     Find a roadmap of anywhere in the UK.
..:    Railtrack Travel Timetable     Get UK train departures and travel times.

..:    You Tube    Video search
..:    Internet Movie Database    Film encyclopedia
..:    Internet TV Database
..:    BitTorrent     Search index for torrents.
..:    Pirate Bay    The Pirate Bay is the worlds largest bittorrent tracker
..:    TVGuide:     TV and radio guide for the next 14 days.

..:    BT.Com - eDQ    Online Directory of Enquiries.
..:    UK STD Codes    Find telephone area codes by number or town.
..:    Yellow Pages - business lookups for the UK.

..:    ISS Tracker    Show flyover times of NASA spacecraft.
..:    UK tax calculators    Online tax deductions.
..:    Oracle DB error codes    Useful for Oracle DBAs
..:    File Watcher    Archive index
..:    Font finder    upload image to locate a font.
..:    What is my IP   
..:    Conversions     Convert just about anything to anything else.
..:    BBC Mortgage calculator    
..:    Character maps.     Ascii/Hex/Dec/Oct/HTML character mapping.
..:    Realtime weather,   from Shoreham, Sussex UK.
..:    Intel processor specifications.
..:    Rotas
..:    Duties